Bryden Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic Medicine

Healing disease holistically, improving wellbeing.

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Bryden Homeopathy NLP Solution-based Counselling

NLP and Solution based Counselling

Opening possibilities to achieve what we want for ourselves.

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Emotional Support and Bach Remedies

Space to explore emotions discovering solutions.

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Homeopathy Course

Learning more about how you can support your family.

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Why Bryden Homeopathy?

Restore, Maintain Good Health and Wellbeing

Professional practice, built on experience and recommendation.

Dedicated practice with ample parking, Skype and phone appointments to fit your schedule.

You’ll be met with warmth and compassion.

Trish Bryant

Trish has gained a wealth of experience through her many years in practice and continues to follow and support useful healthcare developments in conventional and holistic medicines, inspiring a rounded approach to achieving ‘the best we can be’ in Health, lifestyle and wellbeing.

Moving on

Following the COVID restrictions of the last two years we are happy to announce our clinic is fully open for face-to-face appointments throughout the week, with zoom sessions also available for those finding it easier. Extra cleaning procedures, increased gaps between appointments and protective masks for vulnerable clients will stay in place for the foreseeable future for your peace of mind. Go well, Trish

Long Covid

Are you experiencing COVID symptoms well beyond the time you’d expect to have fully recovered? At best this can be frustrating, at worst totally life changing. Thankfully Homeopathic medicines are supporting clients navigate through. Contact Trish for further details.