Homeopathic Course in First Aid Remedies

Come join our Homeopathic community by learning more about how you can support your family yourself.

Medicines for minor issues such as sunburn to toothache, muscle strain to sudden onset of a cold or high temperature. 18 common Homeopathic First Aid remedies are covered, presented in easy to follow and memorable ways.

What to expect

The course is hosted on a Saturday morning for 2.5 hours and the aim is to equip attendees with confidence to self-prescribe and treat family for minor physical problems as they occur; to speed recovery rather than waiting for an appointment or just sitting it out in discomfort.

These sessions are relaxed, entertaining, empowering and involve cake at the interval. Many people have attended this course through the years it’s a great introduction and encourages awareness and greater participation in your own and your families Health Care.

Course fee: £25 with handout (£50 including a remedy kit in hard box).

“I first met Trish when I took my Son at age 3 and I attended one of her Homeopathic first aid courses. This encouraged me to start treating minor things myself and learn more.

It is such a comfort to know I can turn to Trish for Homeopathic care with safe and effective treatments when I need help beyond my First Aid knowledge.”

Kathryn Gladwell

Homeopathy First Aid Course

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