Homeopathic Medicine

Agonising Toothache

Hazel arrived in obvious pain for an emergency appointment for agonising toothache; the Dentist discovered a crack to the base of a molar tooth. Requiring sedation her appointment for removal was over two weeks away and in the meantime she found little relief from pain killers that were causing her constipation and stomach pains.

Homeopathy is known for its action in helping repair minor cavities and assisting in healthy gum maintenance in this case however what was called for was removal of pain, the tooth could not be saved.

Hazel was able to describe the full nature of the pain, when it was worse or better and of course in this case we knew the cause of the pain. The remedy Hypericum was prescribed in high potency and she was advised to avoid very hot and cold drinks.

The next day Hazel reported back that she had slept well and eating fine with little trace of any discomfort. She had taken no further conventional painkillers. Hazel later reported back that it remained that way until the dental extraction.

Child with Eczema

Oliver was a lively two year old, playing with the cars from the clinic toy box, chattering clearly for his age, certainly making himself understood. He was a hot child who easily flushed up and he couldn’t stand wearing many clothes, sleeping without covers at night. What was most bothering him however was itchy eczema, over his feet, inside of arms and over his face; his hands were bound at night to prevent drawing blood even though Steroid cream was administered.

This case required constitutional treatment as the congestion in his body creating heat and preventing the healing of his skin had been there for over 18 months.

Oliver responded in text book style to the Homeopathic medicine. First his flushing subsided gradually, only appearing when he was cross or really did have too many clothes on. The eczema was clearing first from his face, then his arms and finally after 4 months his feet were clear of the eczema also, just a few faint marks to grow out.

Oliver continued to attend clinic every 3 months or so through early childhood to assist him further in building up a strong constitution with bolstered immunity.

NLP and Solution Based Counselling

Student Anxiety

Sam (15) was an apparently bright student, supportive family and school with long term friendships. However following a series of set-backs, Sam was finding himself feeling increasingly isolated, struggling to relate to those around him whilst experiencing angst at the suggestion of family gatherings and meeting friends. So acute had the situation become that Sam could no longer get into school each day, the anxiety he experienced was growing to a point it consumed all areas of his life.

Sam came for his first session with Trish, having built trust and acceptance he was soon reassured and comfortable sharing his story. He wanted to get to university but the reality he thought, of this happening was slipping away as he got further behind with his studies.

Solution Focussed Counselling allowed Sam to ‘Bridge’ where he was then to what he wanted for himself in the future, visualising himself in that future situation, Calm, Confident and Happy; he was able to capture some of that emotion to motivate himself through the clearly defined steps to get there. Which he succeeded to do.

Irrational Fear

Charlotte and her husband had decided if they were going to have a family together it was time to start planning, time was ticking away. She shared her desperation however during her first appointment having considered she could no way go through with it for fear of hospitals and needles specifically.

The cause of a fear like this is entrenched before the age of 7, usually a lot earlier. For Charlotte the source of her fear it transpired was seeing her mother in hospital with a drip attached to her arm, an alarming sight for a 3 year old. Compounding this emotion her childhood vaccinations which she found traumatic and an accident requiring Tetanus injection as a teenager had reinforced her fearfulness.

Transforming Charlotte’s perception using NLP she was able to ‘see’ this childhood event for what it was, evaporating the excessive fear attached to it and later events. Looking to the future she felt confident to move forward with their family.